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Asset Management

The asset management department adheres to the goal of "efficiency, professionalism, innovation and preciseness”, promoting stable development with the combination of Minmetals Capital’s advantages. Since the approval of the company's asset management business, nearly 200 products have been issued while the business scale and active management capability have maintained a good growing trend. As of August 2018, the company's asset management business scale exceeded 12 billion RMB, ranking top in the industry. In terms of project management, investment, risk control, valuation and other aspects, the asset management business division has strong and professional capabilities and great operational efficiency which win a good reputation in the industry.

The product investment scope of the asset management division covers the main investment products in the domestic secondary market. The risk control team has rich experience. The company maintains close relationships with commercial banks, fund companies, securities companies and well-known investment companies, which has formed smooth and stable cooperation.

The asset management division consistently improves business capabilities, expands business scope, increase business qualifications and enlarges business team. The company has obtained the asset management business qualification approved by the CSRC, the off-line investor qualification for IPO stocks, and the inter-bank bond market trading qualification as one of the first companies in the industry.