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Risk Management

Minmetals Industry Financial Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded on January 31, 2000 in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, Nanshan district, Shenzhen with registered capital of 600 million RMB. On October 29, 2014, filed with the China Futures Association for conducting the pilot risk management business.

With almost 20 years of operations and development, the company has made a full use of China Minmetals Corporation’s resource and information advantages, established long-term stable cooperative relationships with many upstream manufacturers, traders and downstream processing and production enterprises, and has built a stable spot trade network. After carrying out the risk management subsidiary business, the company has gradually begun building a new spot trading business model consisting of spot goods, research and futures trading. On the basis of spot trade, using futures as tools while taking advantage of Minmetals & Jingyi Futures’ research team and combining its own professional investment management team, the company avoids price risk, expands sales channels, and provides professional risk management services for clients through the organic futures-spot combination.

With its the rapid business development, the company has established the Shanghai branch (mainly rubber and non-ferrous metals) and Hangzhou branch (mainly chemical and ferrous metals), completed the business setup for supporting spot &futures markets in eastern China, offering good services for numerous enterprises. The company also built a precious metal business team in Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong branch (derivatives business) to provide diversified financial services for industrial clients.

The company won the " Independent Innovative Industrial Development Special Fund Support in Shenzhen Nanshan District" relying on the creative integration of production and finance. In the selection of "Prominent Award of China’s Wealth Management Agency 2017" sponsored by Securities Times, the company won the title of "Prominent China’s Futures Risk Management Subsidiary 2017".

In the future, the company will carry out more cooperation in futures & spot business with China Minmetals Corporation subsidiaries to play a great function of futures business serving the real economy.